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Flower in Sunlight
Julia accepts appointments for one-on-one counseling and support on a case-by-case basis. Julia's counseling, counseling and support are based on her own learning and understanding in the field of body, mind and spirit. Although it has the possibility of helping the soul heal, it is not equivalent to psychological counseling or psychotherapy, nor can it be regarded as psychological counseling or psychotherapy . Julia does not provide any diagnosis or treatment related to mental illness. By accepting Julia's one-on-one counseling and support, you acknowledge that Julia Shen is not responsible for any mental health problems or mental illnesses of students.
Friends in need can contact  Julia​ through the WeChat account juliashen_TO.

First Experience | 1 hour   Accept donations at will 

About money:

The fee for individual counseling and counseling is set for me (Julia) to support my own sustainable development needs, but I am willing to do my best to support the needs of more people at the same time. If you want to consult with me, but the cost is an obstacle, please contact me on WeChat and let me know the cost you can afford. I am willing to work with you to find a solution that can meet the needs of both parties.

The feedback

"I was very anxious because of a non-cooperative problem of my child. When I told Teacher Julia, she listened calmly and made me feel very relaxed. Then she expressed all my feelings, some of which I did not have myself. Realized. Immediately I felt understood and the tears couldn't stop streaming down my face.

Later, she showed me how to use non-violent communication to communicate with children, and she also exchanged roles for me to experience. Although I haven't studied for a long time, her method gave me a deep understanding of non-violent communication for the first time.

She also taught me how to be aware of my body. Her tone made me very relaxed. I think she is a great example of an anxiety-free presence. When she taught me how to feel my body, I could slowly relax, and my anxiety had an outlet to flow. It was only an hour, but she didn't remind me that it was overtime, and she stayed with me all the time. We talked for nearly an hour and a half.

Afterwards, I felt a lot lighter emotionally. I am no longer so anxious about my child's problems. My energy probably affected the kids too. She saw that her mother was calm and began to think about her own problems. A few days later she offered to ask me if I could help her with this problem. I was quite busy at the time, so I made an appointment with her, and I said that at 4:00 pm the next day, I could sit down with her and take a look. I sat next to her afterwards and watched her quickly solve the problem by herself.

Teacher Julia helped me realize that many of the children's problems are actually the parents' problems. If the parents can learn to control their emotions and make the children feel that they are stable, care about her, and trust her at the same time, then no matter what the problem ends up What is the result, we are doing our best to help children.

This hour of one-on-one conversation not only quieted me down, but gave me a demonstration of really good communication. I am still learning how to communicate and express with children, but the teacher pointed me in a direction. I am very grateful to have met such a good teacher on the difficult road of self-growth! "


In the past few months, I have studied one-on-one with the teacher, and I feel that my heart seems to have grown up.

The most obvious thing is that the relationship with my mother-in-law has improved a lot. In the past, I was often annoyed by her words, or sometimes when I offered to help her but she refused, I felt very uncomfortable and often argued with her about these. Now I find that I will no longer be angry with her, and I will no longer argue with her about who is right and who is wrong. Now I can neither agree nor disagree, I won't argue with her, and I don't seem to worry about this relationship anymore.

I was there when my co-workers were annoyed by the noise in the office, and I didn't feel annoyed at all. I suddenly realized that what I didn't like (...) turned out to be the reason in my heart.

Today I was a little too direct in speaking, I blurted out (...), and the other party said (...) impolitely. At that time, I was silent and didn't make a sound. I have been very careful these days, I would jump up and say (...) before I asked for it, and I remembered what the teacher said today. I changed the subject, and then everyone finished their lunch in a relaxed and happy manner. In the afternoon, everyone chatted calmly again, and then talked about what happened at noon, and she herself also talked about why she was so sensitive and other people's words would be turbulent. At that time, I tried to speak quickly again and said (...), but she was unhappy again.

But teacher, I observe these emotions in my heart every day. I didn’t pay much attention to observation before, and my mood fluctuated more violently. Now I am much calmer, and I feel that my mind is becoming more and more mature.

Today is the first time I don't complain about the long meeting time. I used to get irritable when the meeting came to 12 o'clock.


In the past few days, I have realized that my heart is a little hard. Although I have always been kind, I am rarely moved.

Recently, I became interested in (...) songs. My husband and daughter were trying to find them for me early in the morning, but today I was moved. In the past, it may have been a habit, but today I can feel it with my heart. But forgot to thank my daughter for trying to find the playlist I wanted. Be sure to thank you in time next time.

I am really grateful that the people around me have been secretly loving me all the time, come on! "


"It's late at night, but I'm not sleepy yet. I want to tell you the good news as soon as possible. I'm very excited, and I must record the mood at this moment. Presumably, you are also happy for me. When I When helping others, they said to me: "Thank you". In fact, I also want to thank them. In the process of helping others, I am more happy than being helped by others. I feel that I am valuable and useful. I I think you are too.

How blessed and lucky I am to have known you in my life. Words can't express one ten-thousandth of my feeling, thank you.

That positive attitude is back, I love the world and think of the many good things in my life and the warm moments that my family, friends and colleagues have given me.

I just want to be seen, and I have been trying to be seen. Keep reminding yourself to work diligently, so that you can be affirmed by the boss. Work hard to be a good wife, hoping to be seen by her husband. I study psychology, hoping to understand children's psychology, to be affirmed by children, and to be seen by children. But, too many times, I forget my own existence, that little child, she has been waiting to be seen by me. I left her alone in the dark and ignored her.

After my first session with you, I was emotionally stable for a long time and felt that life was so good. As you said, we need to talk to our little ones every once in a while. It was me who once again ignored her feelings. became more and more anxious. I envy you so much that you don't speak in a hurry, like a stream in the mountains, flowing weakly. As for me, it is difficult to control my speaking speed, which should be a form of inner anxiety.

When the wound is healed, the interest in life returns immediately.

A sincere "thank you". I also hope that more and more people will come to your class to heal the wounds in their hearts. "

"You see what I most want to be seen by others, my pain (feelings), my desires (needs) and what I already have. You love and accept me more completely than I do myself. Your confidence in me allows me to find my inner strength in pain. A relationship of mutual trust is a greenhouse for spiritual healing, allowing me to feel the existence of light and have the power to grow in the soil of pain.”



"Recently, I was accompanying a WeChat friend who was far away from thousands of mountains and rivers to experience her overwhelming sadness.

Seeing how she blamed herself constantly under the weight of grief reminded me of a conversation I had with Julia more than a year ago. Step by step in the dialogue, Julia guided me to feel my emotions, understand my needs, and accept my imperfect self in a meticulous and considerate manner. After a few rounds, the sadness and fear that filled my heart before the conversation were almost completely resolved in the "magic spell" over and over again.

The last time I had a one-on-one consultation with Julia was during the Wuhan epidemic, when I just learned that an elder had contracted the disease. Heart flustered, at a loss. Julia's existence on the other end of the phone is like a peaceful and peaceful box, holding me firmly and separating me from the chaotic outside world in the epidemic. That day, while she was listening to me, I actually opened up my first-born memories that the professors of the psychology department at the school failed to open up when I was studying for a Ph.D. in North America many years ago. I felt that the box was her open heart.

Thank you, Julia. How fortunate to have met you. "

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