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About Space For Heart


The heart, always accompanying each of us.

Yet it can seem unfamiliar to us, and often we are unaware of its presence.

Sometimes it is calm and peaceful, while other times it is full of turbulence, leaving us baffled. When we have the opportunity to explore it deeply, we might feel it is as vast and mysterious as the universe, and as deep and unfathomable as the ocean.

The creators of the Space for Heart website aim to create a space for those embarking on a journey to explore their hearts and souls, fostering communication and sharing.

Where the heart is at peace is our home. May everyone find their heart's home.

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My name is Julia, and I'm a CNVC-certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer, as well as the founder and main contributor of Space for Heart.

I still remember the beginning of my NVC journey. 


It was a Monday morning when my 9-year-old son refused to go to school and I was devastated. Back then I was dealing with my own midlife crisis, losing passion with my work and struggling to find the meaning of life. So many emotions were triggered by the kid’s not wanting to go to school.


This has turned out to be a blessing for me.


I started joining and later facilitating book clubs. I met people who share the same interest in Nonviolent Communication and some became good friends of mine. I started learning from certified NVC trainers all around the world and after a few years became certified too. I’ve been offering my workshops for individuals, families, schools and organizations, in both Mandarin and English. I partnered with local NGO’s to promote awareness for mental health and compassionate communication. I also share my NVC learnings and stories through and social media.


After working with life “problems” (aka blessings of life) on a personal level, a bigger world is gradually unfolding in front of me. In this world, I sensed what Marshall Rosenberg called the Beloved Divine Energy. I truly believe that all lives (human, animals, plants, and maybe numerous other beings that are beyond my imagination) are one and connected. And our survival as a species depends on our ability to recognize that.


I was born and grew up in China and have been living in Canada for 20 years. It is my privilege to be living in both the eastern and western cultures and to meet people with different backgrounds in so many ways. Yet, underneath all the differences, I see we share all the beautiful and precious needs: Safety, Freedom, To Matter, To Understand and Be Understood, and many more… I’m longing to live in a world where all these needs are nurtured, for all of us.

I know my first step to be closer to this world is to continue to live in the NVC consciousness.

About Julia

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