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Testimonials from participants of 6-week programs offered by SpaceForHeart

"I had never thought about the concept of presence, let alone its importance. Now I know, when you are not present, it's like sitting in a car with no brakes, no steering wheel, hurtling forward at high speed on a highway. You're being driven all the way down by your emotions, not even knowing where you're going. How terrifying that is.


But once you become aware and return to the state of presence, you begin to wake up. You have a steering wheel in your hands, brakes at your feet, you become safe and won't act out in reckless ways. Some major incidents in my past happened when I was in such a state. This is why I wanted to learn. I realized if I don't address this issue, I could run into major problems in the future.


Nowadays, whenever I notice the rise of my emotions, including bodily sensations, I pay attention to them."


"I was truly amazed in one class. I knew that I had a problem with my family of origin, and that I couldn't establish a connection with my mother. For a long time, I always felt resentful towards her. I knew I was missing something, but I don't know what it is.


During the exercise today, I started crying when my first practice partner expressed empathy to me (according to the instructions). And then I kept crying when almost every other partner did it.


From the empathetic verbal and body language of my practice partners, I finally understood what was missing in my childhood.


I felt so relieved after crying. Now I empathize with my own child. I hope she can stay connected with me when she grows up. "


"I really like the format of your class and the way you communicate. In many cases, you don't analyze the problems. You empathize instead. And it has such a magical power. I like the various tools (that are introduced in the classes). This suits me very well, and I think it should be suitable for most people."


"I am especially grateful for our one-on-one coaching. You gave me a real experience of Nonviolent Communication. For the first time, I experienced that someone could understand me, and the words spoke to my heart. This gave me a lot of support. "


"My first class was overwhelmed. I had never practiced meditation before, and in your class I felt a sense of relaxation and flow. Being exposed to these and a range of other tools gave me a special feeling. I didn’t expect that this method can also be used to work with children, and it’s very effective. Now I often listen to guided meditation when I can’t sleep well.”


"Even though we are separated by vast distances, we manage to come together here each time. What I especially like is the authenticity of everyone here. Every week I can see everyone's smiles, and there will be real tears. When I practice with everyone, I feel at ease.


Special thanks to Julia, who took me to find my inner child in the last class. I really felt like my back was struck by lightning, and my whole body was numb. I found out that the inner man has always been there, but because of social education and many other things, he may be frozen in that place. I also hope that we can visit (our inner children) more and look deeper into you and find him/her.


I also thank everyone who are there. To be honest, the 6-week course felt quite long at first. When it's actually about to end, it's like an instant. I recall many scenarios as if they happened only yesterday. I hope to get together with you all more, and share with you all the difficulties and happy things. I am very happy to see the shared humanity that everyone has.


I am very grateful to Julia. In China I studied from different teachers, some for a long time. But I love the warmth in Julia, and her voice and smile. This kind of warmth and tenderness is very powerful to me. Being powerful doesn't have to be roaring."


"Throughout these weeks of lessons, you've been like a thick cushion supporting our small group, a vast ocean embracing all of us. In your class, I feel completely accepted, without the fear of being judged. You've created an environment where everyone can comfortably be themselves and grow at their own pace. In such an atmosphere, people can open their hearts to share and listen with love. Your attitude and approach, along with the heart-to-heart ambiance of this group, have greatly impacted me. They've allowed me to experience the power and beauty of NVC."

"I am so lucky to know Julia, to know (…), (…) and other friends. She opened my yearning for a positive life. For me, This course far exceeds expectations. Julia is so caring and considerate that it makes me feel very warm. Being with you makes me feel like I have returned to the time when I was with my grandma. There is only love. I am very glad that I signed up for this course and thank Julia for bringing us together. I feel a strong sense of love and safety in the class."


"My emotions usually remain stable for a week after each class. It's amazing. Even if emotions come, I won't be entangled in my heart all the time, and the tide will ebb quickly."


"My biggest takeaway is about returning to presence. I realize that presence is not about specific steps, but a state experienced by myself. Sometimes it can be just a deep breath. There is also the need to be aware of whether you are in this return to zero at any time. status."


"The course pays great attention to the discussion and experience of examples. I learned how to return to present, connect with myself, learn how to listen to myself and others with empathy. Studying together in a group makes me feel very warm and safe, and brings me a lot of energy."


"The most important thing in communication is to be good at listening. After learning how to listen to myself and others, when facing interpersonal communication and interactions with others, I will have more awareness, more calmness, and less fear.


You are the best role-model, consistent inside and outside. You taught us to listen with empathy, and you do it yourself. You can always listen to all of us with empathy. I am very satisfied with these contents."


"The atmosphere is super comfortable, safe, and warm. Every meditation, every interaction, and group exercises are amazing.


The biggest impact of this event is: After that, I know how to empathize myself and others with empathy. In real life, I have used the skills you taught us many times to empathize myself and people around me.


My sister didn't even want to talk to me. Under my empathic listening, my aunt and sister now feel that I am the one who understands them, and we all nourish each other."

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